About Crown Veterinary Dental Specialists

Hello! We are very excited to introduce Crown Veterinary Dental Specialists to Charlotte and our surrounding communities.

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About Us

Crown Veterinary Dental Specialists started about 3 years ago as a conversation we had about our ideal hospital environment. It was based on decades of working in a variety of practices. Both of us established our careers in general practice before a passion for dentistry led us into formal dental residency programs. We have been contributing to the veterinary profession for a combined 46 years, 19 of which have been as Board Certified Veterinary Dentists™ serving the Carolinas and surrounding communities.

Although we had separately developed thriving Dentistry departments at large, multi-specialty hospitals, we began to envision a combined, cohesive and personal approach to dental services and education. The result of our vision is Crown Veterinary Dental Specialists.

Dr. Heather Duncan

Dr. Heather Duncan

Dr. Kristin Scott

Dr. Kristin Scott

Crown Veterinary Dental Specialists is a boutique practice where an invested, experienced dental team can focus on the patient and pet parent experience while providing exceptional veterinary dental care. Collaboration is integral to Crown Veterinary Dental Specialists culture; patient individual needs, client involvement, and investment in employees are combined to create an experience where people and pets know they are valued.

Creating Crown Veterinary Dental Specialists allows us to offer the best veterinary medical and surgical dental care possible. We have hand-picked each piece of state-of-the-art equipment and invested in each team member to achieve this goal. This care extends beyond the hospital to the surrounding veterinary community. Crown Veterinary Dental Specialists wants every veterinarian to feel comfortable with their individual dental skills. The Crown Veterinary Dental Specialists team is a resource, a point of support, and a collaborating partner for our referring community and your family veterinarian!

We look forward to helping your fur-babies!

Dr. Heather Duncan & Dr. Kristin Scott